Life snippets #1

Since I deleted the old posts and it’s been so long since I’ve updated on my life, I will do a summary image/text post about the past half year or so. Mostly snippets that are too short for their own posts:


June: Before the summer, I went to Desucon in Oslo. I wasn’t able to print anything for this year but I still wanted to do something stand-related, so I bought some tubes in an Indian shop and did henna tattooing. At first, I was unsure how well it would fare because I shared stands with really amazing artists (my housemates!) and they sold so many cool art stuff around me while I’m just here drawing on people. It started slow, but eventually, there would be so many people who wanted henna, they would queue for hours. I had to amp up the price several times to meet the demand! It was really great, definitely doing it again for the next convention.


July: I’ve taken so many flights the past three years. Really, airports used to something massive and scary but now that I’ve had to go through them on my own so many times, they are like… a bigger train station.


August: My hometown back in Norway. It’s an island on the west coast, very quiet and peaceful, with only around 2000 people living there. It doesn’t have the greatest public transport in place, sometimes I have to take a ferry just to get somewhere.


Haugesund is one of the closest towns. I always go with my parents and we hang out in the mall, so I am not that familiar with it since I’ve never walked around the streets. It’s actually bigger than Falmouth I found out…(; ̄д ̄)


The buildings along the quay in Haugesund. I just love brick buildings with this style.


September: Falmouth. See that almost clear sky? That’s rarer than a leprechaun.


Truro cathedral.


October: Pumpkin carving with my friends for Halloween.


November: I didn’t know what Lush was until I moved to England. I rarely buy anything but my friends do and I always tag along just to be able to bask in the glorious aroma from their products.


December: Had Korean food in London with Emily. We got ddeokkbokki and daeji bulgogi~! I don’t go to restaurants very often, but it was nice to try it out.


I feel like time has passed in the blink of an eye. Can’t believe it’s almost been three years…

Long time no see

So I’ve been drowned in uni work the past semester. Just handed in my assignments for last term and only dissertation is left, due in another two weeks. There’s so much I want to draw but pretty much everything is on hold until the deadline.

I did however recently participate in an art trade!


This is my part of a trade with treescab! She said she was fond of half-bird/people and wanted a tengu or a harpy. I’ve been told I draw too many ladies, so tengu it was!

I don’t really know much about tengu other than what I’ve seen in Naruto, but they’re fun to draw! This was done in one sitting everything, the compo and colours, came very easily!

I rarely do trades, so this was fun!

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On Creative Cloud Nine

Adobe Swag

A few weeks ago I became a student rep for Adobe Creative Cloud!

If you don’t know what Creative Cloud is, in short, it is Adobe’s digital hub where you get access to all their creative applications and services. Apps such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere, whatever you need, for a monthly fee. There are also other services available, which you can look it up on their student website!

I’ve just started using it, and I quite like it. Feeling creatively powerful having every app from Acrobat to Speedgrade at my disposal (though I don’t really use more than the three apps haha). Download the free 30-day trial to test it out yourself!

My responsibilities as a rep involves doing guerrilla marketing, setting up workshops and events and put up posters and fliers around campus to promote the Creative Cloud. Since the term has barely started, I have not been able to set up any major workshops and events yet. I am planning to co-operate with my school’s Adobe staff and we hope to get it up and running in the coming weeks.

Speaking of Adobe, they had a UK Campus Tour recently, and came by my school to do a presentation. They were mostly talking about CC and did some demonstrations in Photoshop and AfterEffects. I also met this nice lady who gave me some extra Adobe swag to hand out at my events!

I just want to get on with my workshops already!

Another reboot

I am still alive! I swear I will pull myself together and actually utilize this blog soon.

Can’t have it on Maintenance Mode forever.